On Stage Design Methods

One curious side of the indie uprising of the last few years is how it changed many of the predetermined truths about game development; such as, the ideal environment for game development being a large team, all subject to the will of an auteur game designer. I was quite enamored with this idea when I was younger, as every egomaniac would, but my outlook changed with the time, more due to the fact that most videogame auters act more as brands than true creative dynamos (with some exceptions, of course), but also because being distant with the nuts-and-bolts development make you lose what actually the medium is all about.

Now, most indie designers who are not of an computing background code their projects more out of practical issues than anything, but I also believe the great majority of them wouldn’t have it any other way; being able to be close and personal with the machinery of the game allow you to become less of a builder of systems, and more of a sculptor of sensation.



The Origins of In Extremis – Part Three

Like any sort of anachronistic, well-opinionated, mildly deranged group of people, game developers hardly ever agree with one another. except in one point: game developing is hard. Capital-H, all-caps-deserving HARD. Of course, no amounts of reading other game’s postmortems can prepare you for when you have to confront that reality yourself.

But before that, lets wander a bit on some lighter stuff.


The Origins of In Extremis – Part Two

Last time, we were on the very start of the development of INX as a student project, after years of gathering ideas and inspirations. Of course, hardly any idea survives the world outside of the mindscape unchanged, and the same was true for that project. Thank God for that.


The Origins of In Extremis – Part One

An wise person somewhere in the internet once said that “beginning is often a good place to start”. So before I start rambling incoherently about the bullet pattern coding, hidden metameanings or why the shoot’em up genre is going to save the video game industry forever, perhaps I should give some context on what exactly is this project, and how it started.


Greetings to the World


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Up until then, stay sharp, star voyagers.